Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wide Awake in a Sleeping World

Do you ever get one of those days or weeks when you just can not for the life of you have a stable or a normal sleeping pattern? When inspiration and motivation hits, but at the wrong time! Right now is almost 5 a.m. Still, im here sorting out work from photography to digital art work. My, im a busy little bee right now.
On the side listening to Christopher hitchens who dies not long ago from Cancer, instead of feeling sorrow for this great mind I feel energized. As if his death was
a wake up call to me (and to many others). Will make efforts to post about Mr Hitchens in a while, but now here is my dear friend Ning. Taken with a 50mm 1.4 USM. So it seems this blog will be a mixture of wors and pictures dancing together in synchronicity being born out of my own little macro cosm.


Fashion to Go said...

Thanks for the lovely comment dear, I really enjoy your blog's photography. Really captures the atmosphere and emotions of the subject.

Ajdin Barucija said...

Thanks you ^_^ check out the main blog i take pictures for =)
Negative ISO just started, but in time huh ^_^

Michelle said...

nice cardigan

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