Sunday, 22 January 2012

Memory Lane

Busy busy week! When you have a million and one things to do it's very easy to become bogged down in your own thoughts. Time speeds up when you need it most to slow down, that you may by some miracle finish all that you have to finish. Don't you find that just when you have the most stress you also wonder off into your own head moving from door to door and re discover older memories that you thought were left behind. This isn't one of those morbid posts about the past's where a person whines and moans. No. Rather I enjoy having memories, to look back on them good or bad. It feels as if there is film inside of my head. But, I always wonder how much my mind has Edited over time?Your un-Conscious has this ability to re-order things in a such a way that it's gradual and steady, not noticeable.On a last note Berlin Fashion week seemed to have been a Hit, appart from the Bad weather, cold winds...oh how I miss summer!

Sigma Lense. The Sweet and most Interesting Junmei.


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