Monday, 23 January 2012

To Christopher Hitchens

It took some will power to come to a start, eyes wide open as I stared at a blank white piece of paper( the paper being this radioactive monitor which shall rot my little mind). The same as an artist (which also I am) deals with before making a painting or a drawing. Step one, a white, blank canvas with nothing on it. This, by all means, is by far the worst part of the process of creation. Then, I did something silly and had a glass of some fine alcohol and the words o how they do flow out of me.

The first time I saw a lecture or talk given by the man himself was with another intellect that I have much admiration for ,Richard Dawkins. The whole lecture started off with Dawkins giving a most eloquent reading from his book “The God Delusion”. Soon after, with patience building up for his turn and quite visible in the body language, Hitchens steps up and speaks, at instant I was taken aback by this man, full of raw character and no fa├žade or front covering his real self.. It felt refreshingly real, which made you think “This person is someone most unique”. Indeed he is, was. Not only was the presence of this man and his conviction (which I shall get to later) so impressive, itwas how he could speak or wrote and connect to the audience as if addressing them personally. An ability to connect to the audience that is most difficult to do, people have enough difficulty to connect to each other on a one to one basis so imagine on a grand scale.
Like Hitchens, I find it impossible no to become obsessed with one thing which I choose as a life long career. For me being the arts. It's easy to imagine why so many people respected this great man, even people who detested him would and could find themselves drawn to his wit and sharp mind, also a exuberant warmth of character.
How to continue this without spouting out repetitive words which have been spoken by so many others. Im very sure many people who write ( I hate to say Blogg) have done a tribute to the great man himself. Maybe, I cant continue with what I believe to be a measure of a person. His worth, and for me it must be characteristic attributes. With Christopher Hitches, what sprang out at me was his deep passion for Knowledge, Truth and for Literature.
For me Literature is very important. Something that awoke my mind when It was swamped in deep gloom of Ignorance. First Book “The Others” By James Herbert. When I read this long but most imaginative book full of tails that twisted and coiled in terror and love (as they seem to always go hand in hand) my eyes most night were wide open, each image vivid to me as if, I, Myself am standing in the story as the protagonist. Since this moment when I was 16 (yes I started amazingly late ) my whole outlook on life changed. Call it a Spark.
This passion for Literature has lasted with me ever since, and thus is why I admire Hitchens for he shares the same love of Knowledge and Language. In most lectures he would bring up how much he loved literature, his passion for debate and his fight against ignorance by using intellect is inspirational.
There isn't much more to say about this person whom I have not personally ever met, yet feel great compassion for. His death was most unwelcome. As it goes, all great people whom pass away are missed by the massed for their impact upon individual minds is usually great and ever lasting.
Please, read up on this man and get his book even if you do not agree with his views on life, The book itself is a bloody good read.

Great men are made, not born”


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