Monday, 16 January 2012

Book in Winter

Another yes dismal day where people pack themselves full of food in packed and over priced coffe shops. But wait, overpriced for a reason. Most food here is amazingly tasty compared to London. I had to hide from the cold as I walked in the chilling weather that turned the skin on my hands raw, exposed holding the cold plastic of the camera my hand became foreign to me as if not my own due to lack of feeling.
You can say easily the same of my face.
So this is what you can see in Berlin now...not much. I have always found it amazing that people carry books with them to read whilst waiting for transport (tho coffe shops are fine and relaxing) but how can one focus on the subject of the book like this? Maybe I am just difficult, for me I rather sit in my warm chair with some coffe, turn everything off and dive into a book with deep focus. Books are like sex or food, you have to enjoy it
properly and have a good book to read not just some trash novel.
Oh, can you tell that boredom is sitting next to me on this winter day hence my rant, poking at me the entire time.


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